I have always loved pencils.  There was never a moment  as a student where I wasn’t searching for the perfect combination of graphite and cedar.  Now that I am a student again, my excitement for these fine writing instruments has had a resurgence.  This is meant to be a blog about my weekly adventures in pencilling.

Originally from NJ, I now reside in Western MA with my wife and 5 (yes FIVE) cats.  I am working towards my MSW with the ultimate goal to do clinical work.  My other hobbies include video games, comics, Dungeons & Dragons and hoarding all of the Japanese school supplies I can get my hands on.

I can be reached at deirdre.scolardi [at] gmail [dot] com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, love the blog. I’m in Japan right now intending to pick up some pencils. Including the Mitsubishi 9000. I was looking for a listing of all you’re rated pencils, by score, so I could see if there are other Japanese pencils I should consider. But, I don’t see a list of what made it to your pencil roll or a list of pencils by ranking. Am I missing this?


  2. Hello, I am trying to get in touch with the owner of the blog, can you please reach out to me? I cannot find an email address on the site and I have a question I want to ask. Thank you.


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