Why Pencils?

Most of those that come across this site already have the answer to this question, but for the uninitiated here’s why:  Why not?  The pencil has been a large part of all of our lives since we could hold one.  Whether it was your first scribbles on scrap paper in preschool or practicing your cursive in second grade, a pencil was there.  Pencils can evoke hundreds of memories.  The smell of the freshly sharpened cedar and the smooth glide of a fresh point are memories that have continued to travel with me throughout my life.  In today’s day and age of digital communication sometimes its great to step back and switch to analog.  My intentions with this blog are twofold:

  1. Keep a log of the different pencils I use each week and document my experience with them.  As a full-time student, this will be fairly easy since I find myself writing constantly.
  2. Provide a repository for pencil knowledge, reviews and recommendations.  I have a big enough pencil collection that I am fully stocked for over a year if I did one different pencil every week.  (Whew, that’s a lot of pencils!)
I hope that what I compose here is engaging and enlightening and I hope I can help people new to the world of pencils understand and enjoy the joy that is writing with a wooden pencil.